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United 835
FRESH AIRô AIR RENOVATOR Aromatherapy Deodorizing Gel

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Eliminate malodors in larger areas with FRESH AIRô AIR RENOVATOR. Bio-based and fully biodegradable these deodorizing, gelled blocks absorb malodors, while releasing the fresh peppermint fragrance, providing aromatherapy benefits. Use with United's A835B FRESH AIRô BREEZE Diffuser System or United A835C FRESH AIRô CYCLONE Diffuser System to quickly eliminate odors and create a positive impact.

Appearance: Firm white gel with peppermint scent
Dilution rate:†Ready-to-use
pH: 8 - 9
Health:0 † Flammability:1†† Physical Hazard:0


Controls odors in larger areas, including: warehouses, storage rooms, musty basements, gyms, work out facilities, conference centers, arenas and more.