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United 325 All-Organic Earth Smart® Closed Loop Treatment

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Formulated to control corrosion and scale deposition in closed loop heating and cooling systems, UNITED 325 is Earth Smart® certified. It is formulated to be safer in use for both the user and the environment. When used as part of a complete United Laboratories’ Cycle Smart™ cooling tower treatment program, it minimizes environmental impact.


Appearance: Light green liquid with slight odor
Dilution rate: 1 gal product:100 gal water for initial treatment
pH: 9 to 10
Health:1   Flammability:0   Physical Hazard:0


  • For use in closed loop heating and cooling systems.
  • Contains a blend of organic-based corrosion control compounds for ferrous and non-ferrous metal systems.
  • Completely compatible with glycol charged systems.