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Since 1964


  • Ideal for opening manhole covers.
  • Unseals, lifts and sets down manhole type covers with one smooth action.
  • Requires no special set up.
  • Requires no bending over, straining or prying.
  • Use to lift manhole type covers with measurements with between 19 to 26 pickhole to pickhole.
  • U. S. Patent pending.
  • Especially useful in or around: Wastewater Collection Facilities, Municipal and Industrial Systems for Sewer, Water, Electrical Power, Telephone, Natural Gas.
  • Useful for Military Installations, Construction Sites, Airports, Fire Departments, Hazmat Response Units.
  • Operator friendly.
  • Lightweight (7 pounds).
  • Reduces back strain.
  • Not a prying tool.
  • Designed for maximum operator safety.
  • Cleans the inside ring for improved resealing.
  • Easy-to-use.