Unitedís Wipe Technology is the perfect solution for fast, easy and efficient ways to solve problems as each towel is pre-moistened and pre-measured. The resealable packets can be stored anywhere in their lock-back lid for easy dispensing and quick touch-ups. Each towel contains enough product to do the job and eliminate overuse without spilling or messy overspray and there is no excess liquid to run down vertical surfaces.
Unitedís Wipes are:
  • Clean, Handy and Economical
  • Practicalóno need for water
  • Perfect for most hard surfaces
  • Absorbent
368 HARD-D-WIPES Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipes
369 HAND-D-WIPES Hand Sanitizer
614 BLINK BUDDY PAKô Glass & Hard Surface Cleaning Wipes
616 CREW BUDDY PAKô Universal Cleaner Degreaser
628 SMART SWIPES Reusable Shop Wipes
629 GRUNGE GRIPPERS Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner Wipes
629V GRUNGE GRIPPERS Heavy-Duty Degreasing Wipes
640 PROTEXALL High-Gloss Protectant Wipes
641 VANISHING ACT WIPES Industrial Strength Spot and Stain Remover
647 STARBURST WIPES Stainless Steel & Metal Polish
650 ESA Daily Cleaning and Descaling Wipes
667 MIGHTY DEFENSE Disinfecting Wipes
677 SUNSHINE WIPES All-Purpose General Cleaning Wipes