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United Laboratories is proud to present a line of high quality floor mats that effectively stop damaging dirt and water at the door. The different types of floor mats shown below contain a "bi-level" cleaning surface that allows dirt and moisture to fall below traffic level until it can be removed. These mats are the perfect choice for all high traffic areas (especially entryways) of any building.

Listed below are the different types of mats that are available, including a brief description. For more detailed information, click on the links.

Available Mats

Click on the mat name or the picture to get more information on each type of mat:

Brush Hog Plus and Brush Hog Mats

The Brush Hog Plus and Brush Hog mats are ideal for outdoor applications. Place in front of your entry doors to trap dirt and moisture before they even enter your building. The tough nylon material will stand up to heavy wear. Available in two styles and four colors.

Enviro Plus® Mats

The Enviro Plus mats with recycled PET carpet face and recycled tire rubber back make this wiper mat an excellent "Green" choice - 89% of the total product weight is made up of recycled content. Place these mats in front of your reception desks for a refined finish. The diamond weave pattern is available in eight colors.

Waterhog™ Eco mats

Each Waterhog™ Eco mat is made from recycled post-consumer plastic drink bottles as well as post-consumer recycled tires. The Green Building Council recognizes that high quality entrance systems such as Waterhog™ Eco mats are an integral part of Green Buildings and awards 1 point for the use of these types of mats.

Superscrape™ & Superscrape™ Impressions mats

The high-traction surface removes and traps tough dirt, grime and water from shoes. Add a colorful logo or message to the mat with the Superscrape™ Impressions mat.

Waterhog™ Logo Inlay mats

The Waterhog™ Logo Inlay mats feature your company's logo on a bi-level mat surface, giving you Waterhog performance with an attractive, personalized appearance.

All floor mats feature a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for the life of the product.

To learn more about these available mats, contact your local United Sales/Service Representative or click here and someone will contact you as soon as possible.