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Welcome to VP-ASP Shopping Cart!

Congratulations! You are about to embark on an exciting e-commerce journey with VP-ASP, one of the most powerful shopping cart systems available on the market.

The VP-ASP Shopping Cart has a wide range of features and functionality that can be modified to suit almost any business requirement.

The VP-ASP Shopping Cart has been designed to assist you with the most important requirement in online trading, closing sales. With its many shipping, customer management and administrative functions you can be sure your customers will keep coming back for more!

Our QuickStart Guide will help you get your copy of VP-ASP Shopping Cart up and running on either your local server or on your web host. It provides the basics to get you started so you can see for yourself the full potential of VP-ASP as one of most influential tools for your business.

Ready to start? Then lets take the first step!

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If you have already configured your VP-ASP Shopping Cart then click below to access the home page.

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Common Startup Issues

1. If you are getting errors like the one below when you try to access your shopping cart it means you don't have permissions on the database folder set correctly.

Operation must use an updateable query.

Please see our Quickstart guide for more information on setting up permissions.

2. If your browser hangs when trying to access your shopping cart on your local server it is most likely your anti-virus software causing it. If you have Norton or McAfee installed, you need to turn off Script Blocking. For more information, see our troubleshooting helpnote.

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