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BIO-BASED Products

Produced from Renewable Resources

Now a Preferred Part of Facilities Greening Initiatives

The federal government is looking to set the example, based on Executive Order 13423.



How can United Laboratories, Inc. help you to select the right bio-based products for your needs?

Ask your United representative to show you how you can begin using bio-based products in your organization. If you don't have a United representative, click here to send us an email and we will contact you very quickly.

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While our focus here is on bio-based products that will help with procurement and pollution prevention goals, it is important to note that many other products in United’s line can be key factors in reaching additional environmental goals as well.

  • Water Conservation/Energy Efficiency/Greenhouse Gases – United’s Cycle Smart™ program and products used in cooling tower systems will increase efficiency, provide energy savings and conserve water.
  • Pollution Prevention/Procurement – In addition to the bio-based products United offers, United has been supplying Earth Smart® Certified products since 1992. These products are safer for both users and the environment, providing green alternatives that work.