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United 893
KONVERT-A-ZYME Wastewater Control and Degassing Agent

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Highly effective for controlling and eliminating odor and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gasa by-product of wastewater and other industrial sources. This product is particularly efficient because of its ability to Triple-Break odors: Its fresh vanilla scent immediately masks odors; the product then oxidizes the H2S molecules; and finally, it eliminates the source of the odor through biodegradation of the broken molecules. It can be automatically injected, misted, fogged and sprayed. It can be used in collection systems, lagoons, ponds, aerobic digesters and on belt presses.

Appearance: Deep red color with strong vanilla scent
Dilution rate: Multiple rates, see label
pH: 7 to 8
Health:0   Flammability:0   Physical Hazard:0

  • Degassing and odor control and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas elimination in wastewater treatment plants, lagoons and drying beds.
  • Can be injected, misted or fogged.