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Price Increases Effective March 15 - BUY NOW!

As Eric Frazier announced on February 12, 2021 we have a number of products that will be seeing price increases. United has worked hard to avoid across-the-board price increases for a few years. One way of doing this was to build inventories before expected increases on raw materials hit. At this time though, we are seeing information about price increases on our packaging and raw materials regularly. This trend is expected to continue throughout 2021.

For our part, we will continue to protect our customers from across-the-board increases as best as possible; however, the following list of items will have new pricing going into effect with orders entered as of March 15, 2021. We'll be getting updated pricing information out in the next week or two. In the meantime, be sure to let your customers know about the increases; and that they can order in advance to beat the increase.

The following items will be increasing by 2%:

247 249 282 284 578

The following items will be increasing by 3%:

12 67 84 231 264
303 335 364 375 431
489 516 517 531 577
603 650 716 717 758
764 817 916 917 977

The following items will be increasing by 4%:

64 239 336 338 385 585

The following items will be increasing by 5% (or more):

5%: 29 85 234
  289 317 469
6%: 486    
7%: 202    

Help our United customers beat the increase!

Advise them of the upcoming changes, so they can place stocking orders NOW.

Liquidation Sale - A791, KN95 Masks

Get 'em while they're hot!

We have some N-95 mask inventory that we want to move while the demand remains in our markets. We currently have 70 boxes of these masks available. Each box has 10 masks.

Right now you can sell these masks for $7.00 each (or $70.00 per box) and earn a 10% commission. The item to order is United A791; and once these supplies are gone, so is the special pricing and commission. And, as these are not typically part of the United product line, once these are sold they will no longer be available for future orders.

So, take advantage of the special pricing and commissions while they last.

Special Offer While Supplies Last - United 464 PUMP & PROTECT

We have a small batch of hand sanitizer available at a very special offer, featuring United 464 PUMP & PROTECT. This is a liquid formulation with 75% Isopropyl alcohol. It's packaged in 12-ounce bottles with trigger sprayers as shown here.

So here's our fabulous offer. You can sell this product while supplies last and earn a straight 30% commission. The minimum price is $12 each (that's just $1 per ounce) and the maximum price is $15 each.

They are packaged and sold in cases of 6; and the item to show on your orders is 464T06. There are only 1950 each available so get your orders in right away.

Click here for a copy of the label.

Click here for a copy of the SDS.

Important Pricing Information - - 5% Increase on Aerosols

As announced on January 25, 2021 by President Eric Frazier, we and the entire market are being hit with increased costs to many materials; some rising 19% in just 10 days. Product packaging is being affected on muliple fronts with increases in costs for plastics, cardboard and steel which he indicated is at an all-time high. Raw materials for blending our products are also seeing increases that will affect us as we replenish inventories.

Due to these cost increases, we will be implementing a 5% increase in cost on all of our aerosol products. This increase is effective with orders entered on February 22, 2021.

Communicate the upcoming increase with your customers now, to allow them the chance to beat the increase. With orders sent in prior to February 22, they can take advantage of current price levels.

New for 2021 - United 616 CREW BUDDY PAK

The BLINK BUDDY PAK was a hit in 2020; proving to us that our customers love the combination of having a pre-moistened cleaning wipe, paired with a drying wipe. So for 2021 we're starting the year off with the new CREW BUDDY PAK Universal Cleaner Degreaser. When it comes to breaking through the tough binds of grease and grime, CREW will get the job done quickly. Check out our product video below.

616 CREW BUDDY PAL Universal Cleaner Degreaser

A Message from IHT Wealth Management Regarding 401k Retirement Education

A note from Jennifer Siebenaler: Just like the weather is sometimes hard for weathermen to predict, it is also hard for anyone to predict the future.  The same is true for the market.  The advisors here at IHT wanted to share this one page piece that shows what the market unpredictability looks like from 2010-2019, and what we can learn from that unpredictability. 

As always, if you have any questions on the market, your account, or anything else in your financial picture, please give either me, Peter or Orlando a call at 630-887-8400! 

Get a view of market unpredictability by clicking here.

COVID-19 Vaccines Covered by BCBS

Great news from BlueCross BlueShield! COVID-19 vaccines are covered with all of their health plans. Check out the link below for more information:

BCBS COVID-19 Vaccine Information

United has New TIPS Contract

Many of you may be famliar with United's TIPS Contract; and we're excited to say we now have a new Contract in place. TIPS is The Interlocal Purchasing System, that includes buying members from Education, Government and Non-Profit Agencies. It is important to note that this new contract will overlap with our existing contract until June 30, 2021.

The original contract #180406 includes specific pricing for items shown in the contract. Those prices must be honored until June 30, 2021. For all chemical products not listed on the original contract (and for all sales after June 30, 2021), pricing is to be set at 20% off of Published Price. You may access the details of both of these contracts, including instructions for handling orders, through the following links:

Original Contract 180406, Expires 6/30/21

New Contract 200901, Expires 11/30/23

What's Happening at United?

You've been kept up to date on all of our new products this year, but so much more has been, and is, happening at the Home Office in St. Charles. One of project is giving our facility a new look. Check out the video below!

A138 Available While Supplies Last

Once again we have a few of these in stock for your sales orders.

The item number for ordering is A138. The A&E Coded Price is $775.00

It has a 5 Liter/1.32 Gallon fill capacity; with adjustable flow rate of up to 7.5 gallons per hour. Effective spray range of 9 - 20 ft.


Note: Product availability and allocation information is changing daily. Please keep your voice-mailboxes clear, so you can receive regular voicemail updates from Eric Frazier. All of these products must be sold at Coded Price or above during this time.

Current status of product availability as of February 19, 2021:

United 64 Available - No Limit
United 136 No Sale
United 175 144 Cans per Week
United 255 Gallons Available - No Limit
United 262 Gallons Available - No Limit
United 264 Available - No Limit
United 282 Available - No Limit
United 364 Available - No Limit
United 368 No Sale
United 369 Available - No Limit
United 379 Available - No Limit
United 532 No Sale - No Longer Available
United 562 No Sale
United 664 No Limit; Pints, Quarts, Gallons, 6's, 20's, 55's and 275-Gallon Totes.
United 665 Available - No Limit
United 667 Available - No Limit
United 758 750 mL Cartridges - 48 Cartridges per Week
United 759 750 mL Cartridges - E-mail Eric When You Sell
United 764
  • 750 mL Available - Available - No Limit
  • 2-oz Pump Bottles Available - No Limit
  • Empty Bottles Extras not available. Cannot be ordered separately.
    Floor Stands Available - No Limit
    Fog Master Jr. - A128 Available - 8 in Stock on 2/10/21
    Forever Fogger - A138 Available - 18 in Stock on 2/10/21
    Tri-Jet Fogger - A183 Available - 55 in Stock on 2/10/21
    Gloves No Sale
    Masks 3M N-95, Item A793 Available While Supplies Last
    Masks KN-95, Item A791 Available While Supplies Last
    Masks Surgical, Item A790 Available While Supplies Last
    Soap Dispensers, Automatic A759AW - 800 stock on 2/19/21; Code Price $39.50
    Soap Dispensers, Manual Must sell at Coded Price or above. No "free" dispensers to customers.
    Floor Stand - A759FS Available - Over 400 stock on 2/19/21
    Trigger Sprayers Extras not available; only what comes with standard order.
    Cannot be ordered separately.

    Check epa product registrations before selling

    We know it is confusing enough to keep track of disinfectant product stock at this time; but when you hear about a product coming into stock you must remember to be sure the product is registered for sale in your State before you sell it.

    You can always access this information by clicking on the blue "EPA Registrations Lookup" button in the upper, left colum of this page, or...

    Click here for our EPA Registration Lookup page.

    No Return Policy Being Implemented:

    United Laboratories remains true to our commitment to insure that our manufacturing facilities are taking steps to insure that our facilities are operating and are being cleaned to provide as much safety to employees and customers as possible in accordance with guidelines from the Center For Disease Control.

    We are confident that when our products leave our facilities, no one has touched our products that has COVID-19. The company sick leave policy during the COVID-19 National Emergency helps United in these efforts.

    United does not know anything about how our products are handled and who may have touched United products at the delivery location.

    During the National Emergency, if United were to receive returned products, the company would not want to reship those products to other customers and therefore the company may be required to discard returned products.

    Any products that United has shipped from January 13, 2020 to a point in time when the National Emergency is lifted are not returnable.


    Can the CARES Act and Your 401-k Benefit You?

    The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security “CARES” Act (the stimulus package) includes provisions to assist qualifying employees having financial difficulties resulting from COVID-19, to access money in their 401k retirement account.  These provisions allow for penalty-free distributions and expanded loan provisions.  Please click on the links below to learn more:

    Click here to see what the CARES Act Means to You.

    Click here to learn about CARES Act Loan Provisions.

    COVID-19 Information from Human Resources

    Director of Human Resources, Julie Remington, has been working to keep us up-to-date on benefit information. Shared through e-mail on April 2nd and thru the image link below we have information on "Coping with COVID-19"; a document put together in coordination with BlueCross BlueShield that provides insights and links to other resources of information.

    Next, is a poster outlining employee rights under the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Click on the image below to about paid leave entitlements and qualifications related to COVID-19.

    Apartment Management Company List

    Approved Vendor List

    CAP Cheat Sheet

    Salvation Army Location Pricing

    TIPS Contract 180406 Instructions and Pricing (Exp. 6/30/21)

    TIPS Contract 200901 Instructions and Pricing (Exp. 11/30/23)

    Learn About TurboScan


    United 667 MIGHTY DEFENSE Disinfecting Wipes

    Important Considerations for 401(k) Beneficiary Designation

    Are you keeping your beneficiary designations updated for your 401(k) retirement funds?

    Lincoln Financial group put together a great educational piece that outlines thoughts to keep in mind when designating your beneficiaries; and also highlights when you should be sure to update your beneficiaries.

    Click here to read Beneficiary Decisions.

    Do Your Military Bases Use EESOH-MIS?

    Our Military uses the EESOH-MIS system to manage risk of exposure to environmental and occupational factors. This system allows them to share information across different functional areas to try to stay in compliance and make sure they are working with the correct data. Not all bases use this system, but if your military customers do, it can be a benefit to you and United as it will allow them to do searches for NSN numbers that have been previously established.

    We also have a listing of previously established NSN numbers available through our Sales Tools/Downloads menu. Click here to view that listing.

    Conforming with OSHA Regulations

    Osha regulations mandate that all employees must be trained on OSHA Hazardous Communication Standards that are now in use. All new hires will need to be trained on this informaton. Training materials and a printed copy of the quiz are included in every start kit. These quizzes must be returned to the Home Office. Also, please take 25 minutes to view this video that will help with your understanding of the regulations.

    Click here to watch the training video

    If you have not yet returned your quiz, please do so as soon as possible. If you need a copy of the quiz or booklet, please contact Debbie Nehmer (x7424 or right away.

    Need Help Setting Up Your Cell Phone E-mail

    If you need assistance setting up your United e-mail for access on your Andriod phone, iPhone or iPad, that help is just a click away.

    When logged into the United website, as you are now, you can click on the HELP menu option and then select the option that you need. An Adobe pdf file will then come up that walks you through the necessary steps for set-up.

    Check it out by clicking the preferred option below:
    E-mail Setup for Andriod Phones” “ E-mail Setup for iPhones and iPads"

    Drum Roll for United's Top 25 in 2021


    Drum roll please…Whether the folks in this roll call are selling by the drum or by the pint, they are leading the way in sales for 2021.

    The Top 25 Through January:
    1. Bobby Marshall (Southeast)
    2. Dave Edwards (Great Lakes)
    3. Dominique Carrigan (West)
    4. Patrick Joray (Southeast)
    5. Rick DeGroff (Northeast)
    6. Randy Welsh (Southeast)
    7. Larry Shaffer (Southeast)
    8. Mike Grover (Plains)
    9. Tamara Vana (Great Lakes)
    10. Jim Taylorson (Southeast)
    11. Bill Zitzler (Plains)
    12. Jennifer Coleman (Southeast)
    13. Ed Zitzler (Plains)
    14. Murl Weaver (Southeast)
    15. Suzanne Zabowski (Great Lakes)
    16. Rob Johns (Plains)
    17. Tom Schiller (Plains)
    18. Brad Pemberton (MD Supply)
    19. Diana Rouse (Southeast)
    20. Jolene Thompson (Southwest)
    21. Ann McLeckie (Southwest)
    22. Rick Dominguez (Great Lakes)
    23. Brian Castle (Plains)
    24. Jonathon Mayo (Southwest)
    25. Ken Borghi (Southeast)