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United's New You're United with Savings Customer Discount Rewards Program

We're excited to say that our new rewards program is now ready to roll. Announced through UNITED in FOCUS previously, our customers will earn points based on their orders for United's chemical and accessory products. For every $10 purchased, they'll earn 1 point. Once they reach 100 points they can redeem them on an order of their choosing for a $5 savings.

For accounts that you sign up for this program, the points are automatically tallied through United's Sage ERP system when an order is invoiced. Likewise, when points are designated to be used on an order, they are automatically deducted from the customer's account as the order is processed.

For more information regarding this program, read through our program launch flyer, the July issue of UNITED in FOCUS, our updated Sales Policies and Procedures and view a presentation highlighting the program that is available through the inTOUCH sales app and

Rewards Program Launch Flyer


U. S Sales Policies and Standard Operating Procedures Update (see page 35)

Points Beyond 2022, Tucson, Arizona - Business Meeting Videos

Be sure to check out the videos here to see presentations from United's annual business meeting during our Points Beyond trip to Tucson, Arizona.

Need Help Accessing 401(k) Info Online?

Whether you're new to our 401(k) program or you've been participating in the program for years, you might benefit from the information contained in the link below. With this link you'll find a flyer that walks you through the log in process on line. It also includes information on the various tools that are available to you once you've accessed your account details. From tools, calculators and other resources on the website you'll find some great information you can take advantage of from your computer or tablet.

Click here to learn more.

How to Handle Market Declines

Our Client Relationship Manager with IHT Wealth Management, Jennifer Siebenaler, provided us with a great publication that looks at ways to handle investing in market declines as we are currently experiencing. She hopes this piece will be able to give you a little perspective as you review your financial accounts and the current markets.

Click here to learn more.

September Top Health & Personal Best Newsletters

Take a look at the September health and wellness newsletters, TOP HEALTH and PERSONAL BEST HEALTHLINES which provides added content. This month you'll find articles about taming the grocery bill, fall and winter allergies, prostate screening, stretching and more.

Click here for Top Health.

Click here for Personal Best Hope Health Letter

Liquidation Sale - A791, KN95 Masks

Get 'em while they're hot!

We have some N-95 mask inventory that we want to move while the demand remains in our markets. We currently have 150 boxes of these masks available. Each box has 10 masks.

Right now you can sell these masks for $7.00 each (or $70.00 per box) and earn a 10% commission. The item to order is United A791; and once these supplies are gone, so is the special pricing and commission. And, as these are not typically part of the United product line, once these are sold they will no longer be available for future orders.

So, take advantage of the special pricing and commissions while they last.

A138 Available While Supplies Last

We currently have the Forever Fogger in stock for your sales orders.

The item number for ordering is A138. The A&E Coded Price is $775.00

It has a 5 Liter/1.32 Gallon fill capacity; with adjustable flow rate of up to 7.5 gallons per hour. Effective spray range of 9 - 20 ft.


Note: Product availability and allocation information is changing daily. Please keep your voice-mailboxes clear, so you can receive regular voicemail updates from Eric Frazier. All of these products must be sold at Coded Price or above during this time.

Current status of product availability as of September 14, 2022:

United A665 / 665PK No sale of individual A665 until further notice; must be ordered as part of 665PK, which includes 24, 8-oz. bottles of the 665 and one A665.
United 64 Available - No Limit
United 120 No Sale
United 136 Available - No Limit
United 154 No Sale
United 155 Lemon Coconut No Sale
United 175 144 Cans per Week
United 188 No Sale
United 255 Gallons Available - No Limit
United 262 Gallons Available - No Limit
United 264 Available - No Limit
United 282 Available - No Limit
United 338 No Sale
United 364 Available - No Limit
United 368 Available - No Limit
United 369 Available - No Limit
United 379 Available - No Limit
United 578 No Sale on Clean Cotton
United 665 Available - No Limit
United 667 Available - No Limit
United 758 Available - No Limit
United 759 Available - No Limit
United 764 Available - No Limit
Floor Stands - A759FS Available - No Limit
Fog Master Jr. - A128 Available - 10 in Stock on 7/21/22
Forever Fogger - A138 Available - 19 in Stock on 7/21/22
Tri-Jet Fogger - A183 Available - 51 in Stock on 7/21/22
Gloves HA028L Blue, 3 mil No Sale
Gloves HA029L Navy, 4 mil No Sale - Blue No Longer Available
Gloves HA029XL Navy 4 mil Not in stock. No Sale - Blue No Longer Available
Masks 3M N-95, Item A793 Discontinued - No Longer Available
Masks KN-95, Item A791 Available While Supplies Last
Soap Dispensers, Automatic A759AW; A364AW Available
Soap Dispensers, Manual Must sell at Coded Price or above. No "free" dispensers to customers.

No Return Policy Being Implemented:

United Laboratories remains true to our commitment to insure that our manufacturing facilities are taking steps to insure that our facilities are operating and are being cleaned to provide as much safety to employees and customers as possible in accordance with guidelines from the Center For Disease Control.

We are confident that when our products leave our facilities, no one has touched our products that has COVID-19. The company sick leave policy during the COVID-19 National Emergency helps United in these efforts.

United does not know anything about how our products are handled and who may have touched United products at the delivery location.

During the National Emergency, if United were to receive returned products, the company would not want to reship those products to other customers and therefore the company may be required to discard returned products.

Any products that United has shipped from January 13, 2020 to a point in time when the National Emergency is lifted are not returnable.

Apartment Management Company List

Approved Vendor List

CAP Cheat Sheet - See Front of Price List

Salvation Army Location Pricing

TIPS Contract - See Front of Price List

Learn About TurboScan

Do Your Military Bases Use EESOH-MIS?

Our Military uses the EESOH-MIS system to manage risk of exposure to environmental and occupational factors. This system allows them to share information across different functional areas to try to stay in compliance and make sure they are working with the correct data. Not all bases use this system, but if your military customers do, it can be a benefit to you and United as it will allow them to do searches for NSN numbers that have been previously established.

We also have a listing of previously established NSN numbers available through our Sales Tools/Downloads menu. Click here to view that listing.

Conforming with OSHA Regulations

Osha regulations mandate that all employees must be trained on OSHA Hazardous Communication Standards that are now in use. All new hires will need to be trained on this informaton. Training materials and a printed copy of the quiz are included in every start kit. These quizzes must be returned to the Home Office. Also, please take 25 minutes to view this video that will help with your understanding of the regulations.

Click here to watch the training video

If you have not yet returned your quiz, please do so as soon as possible. If you need a copy of the quiz or booklet, please contact Debbie Nehmer (x7424 or right away.

Need Help Setting Up Your Cell Phone E-mail

If you need assistance setting up your United e-mail for access on your Andriod phone, iPhone or iPad, that help is just a click away.

When logged into the United website, as you are now, you can click on the HELP menu option and then select the option that you need. An Adobe pdf file will then come up that walks you through the necessary steps for set-up.

Check it out by clicking the preferred option below:
E-mail Setup for Andriod Phones” “ E-mail Setup for iPhones and iPads"

Drum Roll for United's Top 25 in 2022


Drum roll please…Whether the folks in this roll call are selling by the drum or by the pint, they are leading the way in 2022.

Top 25 Through August:
1. Bobby Marshall (Southeast)
2. Dominique Carrigan (West)
3. Randy Welsh (Southeast)
4. Mike Grover (Plains)
5. Larry Shaffer (Southeast)
6. Dave Edwards (Great Lakes)
7. Tamara Vana (Great Lakes)
8. Patrick Joray (Southeast)
9. Barry Azzolina (West)
10. Rick DeGroff (Northeast)
11. Murl Weaver (Southeast)
12. Jim Taylorson (Southeast)
13. Suzanne Zabowski (Great Lakes)
14. Tom Schiller (Plains)
15. Andy Dimas (Great Lakes )
16. Eric Fitter (Southwest)
17. Brad Pemberton (MD Supply)
18. Shelley Sexton (Southwest)
19. Krista Harkleroad (SE)
20. Janice Peterson (West)
21. Ken Borghi (Southeast)
22. Tracey Ray (ACW)
23. Ed Zitzler (Plains)
24. Bill Zitzler (Plains)
25. Lori Latta (Great Lakes)