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United A757

UltraDose Automatic Dispensing Pump Model #1160

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  • Maintain drains, traps, cooling towers and boilers with an automatic battery operated patented peristaltic delivery system.
  • Patented pump feeds accurate doses for optimal product performance and designed specifically to extend battery life, reducing the frequency of battery replacement as well as increase tube and motor life.
  • An easily programmed timer turns the pump on/off as required to ensure regular dosing of treatment products.
  • Simple to install and program. Programming options: choice of days, time (AM/PM), dose duration (1 minute minimum time on) up to 8 dosing periods per 24 hours, capability to dose every day or just on specific days
  • Runs on eight “D” cell alkaline batteries (included). No electrical outlet required at the treatment site, which adds safety in wet areas. Particularly critical in some drain areas, where local fire and safety codes may forbid outlets.
  • Batteries will power for up to 40 running hours, providing months of service.
  • Ensures dosing at the proper time, even during or after power outages.
  • There is an internal backup battery that will run the timer if the main power is interrupted (changing batteries, dead batteries). (Should last 4 years and is not replaceable. Timer will function without this battery, but the time and program will be lost if there is an interruption of the main power.)
  • Sits on top of the treatment product container (6 gallon pail), so it’s ideal where space is a problem. (Will not fit products packaged in deltangulars). A757 pump adds only 5 1/2 inches to a pail’s height.
  • United 555 DUO-ZYME™, United 757 NEEM-BAC, United 842 and United 844 Devour Power, are packaged in 6 gallon pails with
    special lids for use with this pump.

Customization of dispensing:

  • Flow rate: 100cc (3.5 oz) per minute at 23 RPM
  • Tube: 4cc Norprene
  • Power supply: eight “D” cell alkaline batteries
  • Size: 8” tall x 14” max diameter
  • Cabinet: Molded polypropylene
  • Comes with: dispenser (pump, timer/control and motor), clear supply tube 2’ long, white polyethylene discharge tube 10’ long, injection fitting, cable ties, tubing barbs, and two-piece plastic “bonnet” cabinet, 8 “D” cell alkaline batteries and instruction sheet.