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United A855

Peristaltic Metering Pump

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  • Dependable. The A855 feed pump features a heavy duty shaded pole gearmotor and a durable polycarbonate housing, which withstands harsh chemicals and environment.
  • Versatile. This specially designed pump accurately dispenses low volumes of chemicals, detergents, liquid enzymes, fragrances, etc.
  • Simple. The A855 utilizes a simple and compact design to install quickly. It features a push button for quick priming.
  • Programmable. For those after hour requirements this unit is provided with a twenty-four hour timer which is programmable in fifteen minute intervals. This feature provides 3.3 ounces of solution in a fifteen minute period.
  • Maintenance free. Your unit will need no tube adjustment and it features an exclusive patented quick-release, twist-off head. With a self-lubricating roller assembly and built-in timer, the A855 requires little maintenance.
  • Warranty. Full one year warranty from manufacturer.
  • Available A855WT replacement white silicone tubing.