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Do Your Military Bases Use EESOH-MIS?

Our Military uses the EESOH-MIS system to manage risk of exposure to environmental and occupational factors. This system allows them to share information across different functional areas to try to stay in compliance and make sure they are working with the correct data. Not all bases use this system, but if your military customers do, it can be a benefit to you and United as it will allow them to do searches for NSN numbers that have been previously established.

We also have a listing of previously established NSN numbers available through our Sales Tools/Downloads menu. Click here to view that listing.

Conforming with New OSHA Regulations

New regulations mandate that all employees must be trained on new OSHA Hazardous Communication Standards that are being phased into use. All new hires will need to be trained and we still have a number of quizzes outstanding. Training materials and a printed copy of the quiz are included in every start kit. These quizzes must be returned to the Home Office. Also, please take 25 minutes to view a video that will help with your understanding of the changes.

Click here to watch the training video

If you have not yet returned your quizz, please do so as soon as possible. If you need a copy of the quiz or booklet, please contact Debbie Nehmer (x7424 or right away.

June Top Health Newsletter

Get new insites on taking care of your health and diet through the Top Health newsletter provided by Alliant/Mesirow. This publication is updated monthly to help you stay up-to-date on items that may affect your health and well-being. Your health is important; let this newsletter keep you motivated to stay healthy.

Click here to see the latest Top Health Newsletter.

Need Help Setting Up Your Cell Phone E-mail

If you need assistance setting up your United e-mail for access on your Andriod phone, iPhone or iPad, that help is just a click away.

When logged into the United website, as you are now, you can click on the HELP menu option and then select the option that you need. An Adobe pdf file will then come up that walks you through the necessary steps for set-up.

Check it out by clicking the preferred option below:
E-mail Setup for Andriod Phones” “ E-mail Setup for iPhones and iPads"

Drum Roll


Drum roll please… Whether the folks in this roll call are selling by the drum or by the pint, they are leading the way in sales for 2018. Here are the Top 20 through May:

1. Bobby Marshall (Southeast)
2. Randy Welsh (Southeast) $63,396
3. Dave Edwards (Great Lakes) $38,929
4. Pat Joray (Southeast) $20,423
5. Mike Grover (Plains) $17,690
6. Rick DeGroff (Northeast) $2,884
7. Ed Zitzler (Plains) $8,298
8. Dominique Carrigan (West) $748
9. Barry Azzolina (West) $3,117
10. Tom Schiller (Plains) $28,231
11. Jim Taylorson (Southeast) $4,191
12. Gary Pickett (Plains) $6,517
13. Larry Shaffer (Southeast) $11,502
14. Murl Weaver (Southeast) $199
15. Tamara Vana (West) $7,227
16. Jennifer Coleman (Southeast) $4,846
17. Lori Latta (Great Lakes) $12,080
18. Rick Dominguez (Great Lakes) $8,891
19. Bill Zitzler (Plains) $777
20. Andreas Dimas (Great Lakes) $14,112