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United 716
ESA Chase Drain and Water Treatment Descaler

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This product is designed for use in dialysis distribution cabinets, chase lines and water treatment rooms to remove yellow and rust colored stains resulting from Bi-Carb Machines and the water treatment process. The Earth Smart® Acid formulation is non-corrosive to most metals and will quickly remove lime, rust, calcium, scale and hard water deposits from a variety of acid resistant surfaces.

Appearance: Yellow color liquid with little or no odor
Dilution rate: Dilute 1 to 10 parts water, depending upon soil and scale to be removed.
pH: 1
Health:1   Flammability:0   Physical Hazard:0

This product will help you:
  • Eliminate scale buildup and staining;
  • Eliminate bacteria breeding surfaces;
  • Keep Chase Drains and equipment clean;
  • Removing hard water deposits, scale and rust; 
  • Dissolve scale without harmful fumes.