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United HA006
Powder Free, Stretch, Vinyl Gloves

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+AMMEX(R) exam grade, stretch vinyl gloves are durable, form-fitting and provide good tactile sensitivity. Latex free for those allergic to latex residues. Extra stretch minimizes the tension on the muscles of the hand that can result in the aggravation of carpal tunnel syndrome.
MIL Thickness: 4 mil
Tensile Strength (Min Mpa):
Before aging = 15
Elasticity/Elongation (%): Before aging = 450; after aging = 450
Min. Avg. Powder Mass: < 2.0 mg/dm2 per glove
AQL Level: 1.5
Sizes: S - XL

Powder Free
Latex Free
Smooth for optimum dexterity and sensitivity.

Perfect for:
  • Medical Professionals
  • Dental Professionals
  • Childcare Services
  • Elder Care Services
  • Food Service
  • Print Shops
  • Manufacturing