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United HA004
Gloveworks (R)
Powder Free, Textured, Latex Gloves

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Powder free industrial grade latex with a micro-roughened surface for non-slip wet or dry gripping power. Extended leaching process for reduced protein levels. Made from premium grade latex that provides durability under tough working conditions, while maintaining comfort. Polymer coated for easier donning and removal.
MIL Thickness: 4 mil
Tensile Strength (Min Mpa):
Before aging = 18; after aging = 18
Elasticity/Elongation (%): Before aging = 700; after aging = 500
Protein Content: 2 mg per glove
Min. Avg. Powder Mass: 2.0 mg / glove max
AQL Level: 4.0
Sizes: XS - XL

Powder Free
Low Protein Content
Textured for superior wet or dry grip.

Perfect for:
  • Automotive Technicians
  • Manufacturing
  • Janitorial Services
  • Painting
  • Industrial Applications
  • Agricultural