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United 949
UNI-LUBE MP Multi-Purpose Grease

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UNI-LUBE MP is a unique lubricating grease, utilizing a new approach in thickener technology. Provides exceptional lubricity, stability, rust protection and water washout resistance. UNI-LUBE MPís mechanical stability surpasses conventional greases, making it ideal for high load applications.† Contains no heavy metals. United 949 brings you as close to an all-purpose grease as you can get.†

Appearance: Tan grease with oil odor
Dilution rate: Ready-to-use
pH: Not applicable
Health:1†† Flammability:1†† Physical Hazard:0

Recommended for any application where good lubricity, mechanical and thermal stability and rust protection are required. Operations using lithium complex, calcium complex, aluminum complex or polyurea can easily be converted to United 949 to improve performance.