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United A559

MegaTron XS Cooling Tower Controller

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  • Advantage M# XSCF3E
  • Prewired controller for recirculating water system with impressive flexibility in functions.
  • Tower conductivity Control
  • 3 Chemical Feed Timers
  • On Screen History Tracking
  • 115 volts.
  • 2 Year warranty.
  • USB port for downloading history, updating firmware and cloning.
  • Conductivity probe with 3/4 PVC slip T.
  • Optional Controls and Timers may be Available.
  • Ideal for use with: United 316 Towermate Liquid Cooling Tower Treatment, United 309 Microbiocide For Cooling Towers and Air Washers and United 337 Algae, Bacteria, and Fungi Control.

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