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United 916
ESA Descaler for Wastewater Dewatering and Collection Systems

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Featuring United's Earth Smart Acid Technology, this product dissolves calcium carbonate, lime and scale two to three times faster than phosphoric acid products. It is also much milder to steel, aluminum and skin than traditional acids found in similar products. Phosphate-free and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Appearance: Red color with little or no odor
Dilution rate: Varies, please see label
pH: 1.0
Health:1 Flammability:0 Physical Hazard:0

For descaling lime and calcium residue on dewatering equipment, piping and collection system lines. Removes lime, hard water deposits, stains, rust, grease and oxidation from equipment and other areas that could be harmed by strong acids such as muriatic, hydrochloric or sulfuric acids.