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PYTHON Berms will snake around any drain to keep spills at bay. Use as a temporary spill berm to seal off spills from nearby drains, the environment, doorways and more. Then, when you are finished using it, simply clean off the equipment and store it away for later use.

Features and Benefits

  • Standard 10 foot sections can be cut to various lengths to meet custom needs.
  • Unique, urethane material "weeps" into small cracks and crevices to seal off liquid flow.
  • PYTHON Berm is non-absorbing and can be easily cleaned for repeated use.
  • Applications include: spill response.
  • Temporary Secondary Containment.
  • Sealing off of doorways during wash-down operations.
Due to the nature of softer urethane, the physical properties of these products may change with exposure to certain environmental conditions like temperature, humidity and UV radiation. Regular inspection of the stored product should be done to ensure it is in a usable state.

Available Stormwater Equipment

Item #S034 Orange 10' x 4" x 2 1/4" 31 lbs.

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