The dual chambered PIT BULL will attack your stormwater issues by providing multiple filtration options in one unit.
As water enters the first chamber, sediment settles and is retained there. The second chamber is then set up with a filtering media that filters the water. Simply choose the right filtering media for your specific needs:

Filter Media Options
Oil/Hydrocarbon Filter Media- Used to remove oil, grease and other hydrocarbons
Phosphorous Filter Media- Excellent for removal of phosphorous where fertilizer and animal waste runoff is a concern
Activated Carbon Filter Media- Excellent "polishing media" that helps to remove certain chemicals, hydrocarbons and odors
Heavy Metal Filter Media- Custom filter media blend helps remove zinc, lead, copper and other harmful, heavy metals

Available Stormwater Equipment


About the PIT BULL

PIT BULL Catch Basin Filter

  • Exceeds 80% sediment removal efficiency
  • Patented filtration system allows different filter media to be used together to remove targeted pollutants
  • By-pass system prevents flooding or ponding during high-flow storm events
  • Excellent post-construction control for drains that are more susceptible to large concentrations of contaminants
  • Units available for round or square catch basin grates
  • Considered a "true filter" with separate chambers for sediment removal and filters

PIT BULL with Sampling Option
The Sampling Option is a convenient and effective means to obtain samples of the "post-treatment" effluent from the PIT BULL unit to comply with monitoring and testing requirements.

  • Sampling Option provides standard PIT BULL with modifications to allow Sample Collector to pull "post-treatment" water samples from below the unit's filters.
  • Allows real-time sampling during storm events
  • Access Tube stays capped until a sample is desired
  • Simple sampling-No need to remove the PIT BULL to take sample
  • Sample Collector has a 60" long handle, which makes collection quick and easy.

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