What you don’t see is costing you money!
Clean and green your cooling tower system with the Cycle Smart™ approach.
From small systems to large, United is committed to greening your cooling tower program. Our Cycle Smart™ program uses the greenest, most powerful chemistry available today to minimize water usage and environmental impact. Utilizing a combination of Earth Smart® certified products and safer biocides guarantees results:
  • Safety for Users and Environment
• Increased Efficiency
• Higher Cycles of Concentration
• Energy Savings
• Water Conservation
• Extended Equipment Life
These results all add up to Money Saved! $$$
See how much you can save! Use our Cooling Tower Calculator to determine the potential water and cost savings for your cooling tower.

Cycle Smart™ gives your cooling tower system a clean start and keeps it clean.
Three items are largely responsible for robbing your cooling tower system of efficiency: scale, biomass and corrosion. What isn’t always understood is that they work together and must be treated together through a comprehensive program.
What is biomass?
Biomass is comprised of the bacterial and algal build-up that grows within the cooling tower system. As it grows it combines with silt, mud and other debris, creating an often hard-to-manage problem. While you can use corrosion inhibitors in a system, you may still get corrosion developing beneath the scale and biomass where the inhibitors alone can’t reach.
Because of the relationship between these three issues, it is important to keep your system running cleanly at all times to maximize its efficiency. These problems take hold and start robbing your system of efficiency before you can even see that they exist.
Cycle Smart™ Provides a Comprehensive Approach to Controlling…
Cycle Smart™ provides a complete solution to keep your cooling towers clean, green and cooling efficiently, thus saving cost on several levels – energy, water, labor and repairs.
Cycle Smart™ Products for Cooling Towers
The Cycle Smart™ program utilizes a combination of Earth Smart® certified products and safer biocides that will keep your systems running clean and green, while saving energy and conserving water usage.
United 308 Earth Smart® Closed Loop Treatment
Formulated with a blend of organic-based corrosion control compounds for both ferrous and non-ferrous metal systems to help prevent corrosion and extend the life of your system. Contains polymeric dispersants to prevent scale build-up and iron oxide dispersants that control corrosion that develops under deposits.
United 313 Earth Smart® Cooling Tower Biodispersant
Engineered with a blend of organic penetrants and dispersal agents that work to penetrate the matrix of organic deposits, causing them to slough off and be dispersed through the system.
United 314 Earth Smart® Cooling Tower Concentrate
Designed to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces and extend the life of cooling system components by protecting them against scale, corrosion and silt deposits.
United 325 All Organic Earth Smart® Closed Loop Treatment
Formulated to protect closed loop systems from corrosion and scale deposits. Can be used is both ferrous and non-ferrous metal systems.
United 332 Earth Smart® Cooling Tower Treatment
Designed to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces and extend the life of cooling system components by protecting them against scale, corrosion and silt deposition.
United 336 Cycle Smart™ BIOCIDE
A high performance fast acting, broad spectrum biocide that offers superior activity, particularly in comparison to cationic ammonium and phosphonium biocides. Use this product to control algae, slime forming bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria and fungi in air washers, cooling towers and evaporative coolers.
United 339 Cycle Smart™ Stabilized Bromine Treatment
Provides effective, fast acting control against the algae, bacteria and fungi that produce slime in recirculating condensing and cooling equipment. Keeps the system sanitized while penetrating through the biomasses and preventing bio-fouling.
Where to Look When You Can’t See the Problem
While many problems in your system will be visible, there are ways to test for loss of efficiency when you can’t see those problems. Take a look at the Cooling Tower Problems, Effects and Solutions chart. Your United sales representative can walk you through all the problem areas highlighted on the chart and help explain our solutions.
You can review the efficiency loss of your system by a couple of means:
1. Measuring the Delta T:
The Delta T is the difference between the hot water temperature as it enters the Hot Deck and the water temperature in the Cold Basin. The Delta T is determined by the tower design and geographical location. Loss of Delta T usually indicates some type of deposition and a loss of efficiency.
2. Cycles of Concentration:
The higher the cycles of concentration, the more efficient your system is operating. increasing your cycles will reduce water consumption, waste water generation, chemical treatment requirements and lower overall operating costs.
3. Head Pressure and Scale Thickness:
You may not be able to see scale build-up in your chiller, but it can greatly affect your energy costs. You can monitor for scale build-up by measuring head pressure, but keep in mind that waiting for the head pressure to change is not the best method to judge efficiency. Just 1/32” of scale can cost you money and it won’t be readable through head pressure. See the impact shown in the chart below, as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy.
Implementing a regular Cycle Smart™ program will improve efficiencies in these areas, while reducing your costs and greening your water treatment program.
The Cycle Smart™ Approach
Here are the steps we can take together to get your cooling tower program clean and green:
1. System Survey
Our team will determine the overall condition of your cooling water system through a combination of on-site testing and laboratory analysis for water analysis that cannot be completed on-site.
2. Get a Clean Start with Cycle Smart™
Based on your systems specific needs, we will recommend a program that will remove scale deposits and biomasses.
3. System Maintenance – Keeping it Clean and Green
Once the cooling system has been thoroughly cleaned, United’s Cycle Smart™ program really kicks in. Regular maintenance programs will keep your system running green, clean and cooling efficiently by utilizing United’s Cycle Smart™ products.
Are you ready to start saving?
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