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Spring United Laboratories continues to offer products and solutions to set the standard in the specialty chemicals industry. Our mission is to strive to formulate the best products both in terms of getting the job done and their safety to use. Each season, we will provide you with United products that will be beneficial to you for that time of year.

SPRAY TRIUMPH catalog sheet

SPRAY TRIUMPH is an actual rust converter, which quickly and easily converts residual rust to a black protective polymeric coating. This inert coating prevents further rusting and corrosion and provides a stable paintable surface. Perfect for use on rusted wrought iron fences and railings, scaffolding, racking and shelving, storage tanks, forklifts, landscaping equipment, storage sheds and truck beds.

RIP ‘N’ GRIP4 catalog sheet

RIP ’N’ GRIP 20 mil. tape fuses to itself to make a permanent bond in 24 hours. Multiple uses are for electrical coil insulation, sports equipment, tool handles, or on arm rests, handles and grips on medical equipment. High tensile strength of 700psi, dielectric strength of 400 vpm, elongates to 300%. Tape is non-adhesive and non-conductive, suitable for high temperature applications. Available in clear, white, black, red, yellow, green and blue colors.

This Earth Smart® certified formulation is designed to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces and extend the life of cooling system components by protecting them against scale, corrosion and silt deposits. United 314 can be used in cooling towers, evaporative condensers, shell and tube heat exchangers, air washers and diesel engine cooling systems.

NIGHTSHIFT Catalog Sheet

NIGHTSHIFT easily removes deep set stains made from long term oil and grease contact. Product additionally removes anti-freeze, hydraulic & brake fluids, tar and other oil-based stains. NIGHTSHIFT can also be used on brick, cinderblocks, shop & factory floors, parking garages and sidewalks.

ResPOND Catalog Sheet

With this blend of 10 different bacterial cultures, ResPOND restores and refreshes ponds, lakes and large holding tanks & lagoons by reducing nitrates, phosphates, ammonia and organic sulfides. ResPOND reduces bottom solids, while increasing natural bacterial activity to restore the ecosystem.