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Featured Products for Winter

United 56 EARTH SMARTIES Natural Ice Melting Granules

The time for ice melt products is at hand. Be sure your facility is well stocked so you can protect your properties from becoming natural hazards. United 56 provides you with the Earth Smart® ice melt solution to keep your drives and walkways safe in the winter months ahead.

United C57 Ice Melter Pellets

Specically designed for rapid action and high capacity, United 57 works 30 times faster than rock salt and is capable of dissolving up to 150 times its size and weight in ice. Leaves much less residue to be tracked ino buildings as salt and other chemicals do.

United 59 20-BELOW Granular Ice Melt

When temperatures drop below zero, turn to 20-BELOW to keep roadways and walkways safe and free from ice and snow. Works on contact, effective to -20°F (-29°C). Manufactured granules comprised of triple active components generate heat on contact. Better performance and fewer applications required than typical ice melts.


This aerosolized wax treatment can be sprayed on snow plow blades and shovels to prevent snow from sticking to their surfaces. This allows you to reduce the amount of drag and increase efficiency with your plowing and shoveling activities. Spraying on street signs will keep snow off, so signs remain readable.

United 223 SALT-B-GONE Ice Melt Residue Remover

When ice melt and rock salt leave heavy white residue, ordinary cleaners just won't do the job. Keep entryways and lobbies clean even on the toughes days and reduce corrosion caused by salt on your vehicles and equipment. SALT-B-GONE chemically breaks down the bond that salt residue leaves on floors, vehicles and equipment with a highly concentrated Earth Smart® formulation.


This convenient aerosol product quickly works to de-ice vehicle windshields and building windows in the cold winter months. Just spray it on and it works to melt, penetrate and break up the ice. It also leaves a barrier to help prevent re-icing. Use inside of vehicles to defrost windows and prevent mirror fogging.