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Featured Products for Winter

United Laboratories continues to offer products and solutions to set the standard in the specialty chemicals industry. Our mission is to strive to formulate the best products both in terms of getting the job done and their safety to use. Each season, we will provide you with United products that will be beneficial to you for that time of year.

United's Insect Control System

With warmer weather comes more insects. United offers a full line of products to control pest insects indoors or out by killing and repelling them and by elimnating feeding and breeding areas.

Keep your chiller coils working efficiently with POWER UP. Powerful spray gets foam deep into the unit to penetrate and remove dirt and debris from coils and fins.

UP WHITE Catalog Sheet

The change in wet seasons often reveals roof leaks that drip onto ceiling tiles. UP WHITE is the easy way to make stained ceiling tiles look new again. Covers water stains, smoke stains and more with a quick drying, low-odor formula.


Clean up the grime from winter and put a new shine on your floors with this self-leveling, self-polishing floor finish.

TRIUMPH Catalog Sheet

Winter can bring out the worst on your metal surfaces causing rust and oxidation. TRIUMPH will convert the rust to phosphate, eliminating the need for heavy scraping or sand blasting. It provides a durable primer coat that can be painted over, or left as is to provide continued protection from rust.

TOWERMATE Catalog Sheet

Are your cooling towers ready to perform as the weather warms? This treatment will prevent scale, corrosion and sludge build-up to keep your towers running efficiently.

NOMIX Catalog Sheet

Has the seasonal freezing and thawing left cracks in your concrete surfaces. NOMIX offers an easy-to-use solution to fill cracks and gouges in concrete, with no mixing. Fast-setting and can withstand heavy traffic within 30 minutes of application.

ResPOND Catalog Sheet

As temperatures rise, ponds and lagoons can get overwhelmed with algae and other compounds. Let ResPOND restore the natural balance. This Earth Smart® product refreshes ponds and reduces unwanted compounds such as nitrates, phosphates, ammonia, and organic sulfides.