Our definition of Earth Smart® is more than the traditional product requirement of meeting two of the following three requirements:
  • They must have only zeros and ones for HMIS numbers
  • They must have no VOCs
  • They must have no hazardous components

Click here to see a list of United’s Earth Smart® products.

Earth Smart® is a United Laboratories, Inc. philosophy. For example, nonylphenolyl ethoxylate (NPE) is a chemical that is currently banned in Europe and not in the United States due to its potential hazards. United has taken a proactive stance with this issue and reformulated products containing nonylphenolyl ethoxylate (NPE). The challenge has brought us to bring on not only safer products, but more effective products with the reformulations.

Because we view our business as an Earth Smart® philosophy beyond just Earth Smart® products, we are able to make different and better decisions.

Another simple, but extended meaning to our Earth Smart® philosophy is our commitment to recycle. Since United has an in-house printing shop, we produce nearly all of the labels on our packages and all of the literature we produce for our customers and read as employees, which in turn, creates a responsibility in managing the potential storage and waste. We, therefore, are large recyclers in the St. Charles, IL community. Lastly, being employee-owned, we are conscious of our utility expenses at our home office. On a monthly basis we are reminded of utilities we are consuming and the responsibility we all share in its conservation.

Earth Smart® will continue to be our guide to develop products and provide leadership in our communities.