United calls it ESA Technology—you’ll call it just plain smart. In addition to meeting our Earth Smart® standards, products featuring ESA Technology:

  • Dissolves calcium carbonate scale two to three times faster than phosphoric acid products—four to ten times faster than products containing citric and glycolic acid and 13 times faster than products with lactic acid.
  • Provide huge advantages over hydrochloric acid products in terms of using, shipping and storing.
  • Are much safer to use than conventional acid products as they are rated no higher than one in the health category of the HMIS numbers.
  • Are less aggressive to soft metals including steel, brass, chrome, copper and aluminum than traditional acids.
  • Are classified as non-regulated by the Department of Transportation, eliminating hazardous shipping surcharges.
  • Contain no phosphates, VOCs and are non-fuming.

717 ESA Multi-Purpose Industrial Descaler
977 ESA CAST-AWAY Non-Fuming Drain Opener For Plaster Traps